Dothan High School Class of 1970 Wants You!
If you went to Dothan High School and graduated in 1970 or should have graduated in 1970 please read this information. (If for whatever reason you did not graduate with the class i.e. moved, got married, etc.), [I for one, did not graduate. I dropped out about 6 weeks ahead of graduation & got my GED at Wallace since I had gotten married and was not allowed continue in school.] It is important to us that we find you and include you in the next reunion in 2015. Please go to the Classmate section on this website  and fill out your contact information. Upload a current photo, if you have one. Don’t worry about your senior photo. If you’re in any of the yearbooks from 1968-1970, I will find your photo and upload it for you.
For all classmates who have already put their classmate profile up on this website, please keep your information CURRENT!  If you change your email address, home address, name, phone numbers, etc., PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PROFILE!!!!!!!  We want to be able to contact all of our classmates for the 2015 reunion. 
When we were one year away from approaching our fortieth year of graduation from Dothan High School anniversary, a reunion committee was formed to participate in planning our fortieth reunion. You may think that a year is too far ahead of time to start, however, it truly was not. One of the first things done was creating this website. In this technology oriented world that we live in we felt that it would be the best way to be able to communicate with everyone in our class. 
Each month the Reunion Committee met and each of us took on different tasks necessary to have a successful reunion. One of the most important & difficult tasks was LOCATING FELLOW CLASSMATES.
We worked diligently trying to locate everyone; however, we missed a lot of folks! For those of you we missed, we are truly sorry. We have decided we should keep this website up indefinitely and perhaps our fellow classmates will be able to find us. Another thing that each of us can do is contact anyone that you know who was in our class and has not completed their classmate profile on our website at and encourage them to do so. Or, if you have any contact information on anyone who is not in the classmate section, send it to me at this email address: .
We are very concerned about reaching out to all our fellow classmates and can use all the help that we can get. Go to the “Looking For” section and see if there is anyone listed there whom you know how to contact. Go to the contact us section on the left panel of the page and send us the information you have. All help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Terry Slaughter
(For the Reunion Team)