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1) Who was President of the Key Club?
Phillip Atkinson
Benny Barnes
Jim Adkins
2) Who was captain of the cheerleaders?
Anne Devane
Phyllis Brown
Sally Fortner

3) What was the class flower?
red rose
yellow rose
4) Who was president of the tigerettes?
Sarah Page
Cathy Scheibe
Carmie Parrish

5) How many football games were won in our senior year?
6) Who was the year book dedicated to?
Miss Flo Fraley
Miss Essie Mae Smitherman

7) Who was Valedictorian?
Bonny Haughton
Jim Tindell
Steve Lies
8) Who was Miss Dothan?
Marsha Hand
Donna Coe
Carol Trant

9) Who was state champ in track?
Phil Davis
Bill McCollum
Jeff Flowers
10) Who was president of the "D" club?
Craig Childs
Davis Chapman
Glen Cain

11) Who was head majorette?
Carmie Parrish
Alexa Bozeman
Charlotte Andrews
12) Who was the school secretary?
Linda Brackin
Elise Hickman
Lillian Cain

13) Who was president of the Interact Club?
Charles Thomas
John Cotant
Bob McKnight